Think Your Kitchen Drain Is Clogged?

How Does a Plumbing Company Snake a Drain?

Snaking a drain is generally done using an auger, this is a coiled snake that has a handle on one end. There are 2 kinds of plumbing snakes, a drain auger, which is more common, and a closet auger, which are smaller and are regularly used by a professional plumbing company to unclog toilets. This blog will outline how to assess your clog and remove it by yourself, thus saving money on hiring a plumber. To begin with try a plunger, several drain clogs can be removed using this simple device.

If you haven’t already tried this, then give it a whirl, should it work it will save on the time it takes to snake your drain. However, should a plunger not work, then you may have to use this technique. Place your plunger over the drain hole, ensuring the rubber head is flush on the drain so it creates a good seal. Push the plunger down so the head inverts, after which let it pop up and repeat the action.

Do this multiple times until the water begins to drain. However, should this not happen, you need to try another method. Try to clean the trap out too, some clogs are found in the trap which is beneath the sink, they are easily removed should you clean the trap out, this is the screen which catches hair and other similar objects.

To clean out your trap, follow these simple steps. First, put a bucket beneath your sink to catch the water and falling debris. Take out the clean-out plug off the trap. This is located in the bends base. Then push a wire coat hanger into the hole and scrape out all the debris and clean out the clog. Should you not have a clean-out plug, remove trap with a set of pliers. Then clean the debris and wash the trap before you replace it.

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