When Will a Plumber Use Putty?

Plumber’s putty is a pliable and flexible substance that is used to create watertight seals on the likes of drains and faucets. This is considered a basic plumber tool and is often used when plumbing fixtures need replacing. The putty, however, must never be confused with Teflon tape, that is used to seal joints which are threaded. Different brands of putty sometimes have different ingredients, most use some form of clay as their base ingredient. Also, linseed oil is a common additive, other formulas such as talc, fish oils and limestone can be used too.

Plumber’s putty is mainly used when faucets and drains are being installed. The putty keeps soft for an extremely long time, which makes it a good choice for jobs where a watertight, and reversible seal is needed. A bead of putty is applied around the base of a faucet before being attached to a sink, after which any excess will be wiped off. The putty seals the join between the two, thus preventing water from leaking.Reliable and professional Plumber in Acworth, GA.

In addition to creating a watertight seal for faucets and drains, it is sometimes used when installing a sink. A line of putty will be applied to the area which surrounds the insert for the sinks body. The sinks lip will rest on the edges of the insert once the sink has been put in place. By using plumber’s putty, you can create a tight bond between the countertop and the sink which will stop water seeping in. However, not every plumber recommends this, as they consider it does not offer a secure enough seal.

Plumber’s putty stays soft and pliable for a long time, which means it should never be used to seal pipes or fixtures which are put under pressure. In such cases, the seal does not hold. Pipes must be sealed using Teflon tape or some form of liquid pipe compound. In many cases, the putty will stain the sink, so silicon caulk is a better choice.

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