A Knowledgeable Plumber Advises

Only because we need to take a shower every day doesn’t mean we should spend hours in the bathroom. Professional plumbers warn about the dangerous habits of many homeowners. For a beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting bath, we suggest you not to do these things in there:

  • Do not leave the loofah or sponge in there after you are done; Every skilled plumber will tell you to avoid leaving your Local and professional Plumber in Acworth, GA.loofah in your bathroom after bathing. This is bad for your health. If you leave it soapy and wet, it tends to develop unhealthy germs and bacteria. And the next time you take a shower, you will spread them over your skin. So, next time, just grab your sponge, wash it, and store in a dry place.

  • Avoid long and hot showers; Why is that, you will ask. We agree that the hot water splashing on your skin feels so refreshing and relaxing, but still, it destroys the surface layer of cells protecting it from the penetration of bacteria. In two words, it makes the skin too soft and dry. To prevent future health issues, we recommend you take short warm showers. In addition, proper bath ventilation is a must.

  • Do not let the soap scum and hairs go down the drain; Another mistake many people do is to let the dirt after bathing go down the drain. Whether you realize it or not, a lot of hair and scum comes from the body during showering. Right after you are done, you should remove the debris from the floor. This is important not just for your clean tiles, but also for keeping your pipes free from clogs and blockages.

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